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Training to Become a Better Climber with Jake Bresnehan

| Podcast Episode 4

In this episode we get into the juicy bits of training. How Jake went from sport climbing 31/8b, to being a climber capable of climbing The Wheel of life. A climb that is considered to be somewhere around 35 or 36 which is 9a 9a+ in Frenchy speak. This is a huge and somewhat audacious jump but one that he committed fully to and pulled off in style. It has inspired me more than I can articulate with my clunky words.

Climbing The Wheel was a big mental and physical shift for him so we get into the details of those changes. How he turned himself into the best climbing version of himself, and rose to a level he had not really ever dreamed he could.

Jake also reveals the absolute number 1 thing that improved his climbing and guess what, you can implement it into your own training today!

If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend checking out the video RUMBLR made of Jake climbing The Wheel, it’s a properly good story and if I’m honest, it made me a little teary.

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Jake is sponsored by La Sportiva and Edelrid

Music: Somerville and Wilson – Red Wasps

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