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Setting the Scene With Pat Banda and Dan Gordon

| Podcast Episode 26

You walk into a climbing gym, look around at all the nice fiberglass shapes, the funky volumes and order yourself a coffee.

A couple of hours later you walk out having had a blast of a time with your friends and a few layers of skin down. In a few days you’ll be back and do the same again. You are a climber and the sport has taken over your life, even if its just for a few hours each week. How good is it!

What really goes into making this sport and life so good though? Well a large part of it is the product of the setters and their creative flow. They dream, concoct and set the things that make you smile, drive you insane and keep you coming back.

In the Baffle Days studio today we have Pat Banda and Dan Gordon two head setters from the uber massive Urban Climb. Dan’s official roll is actually ‘Head of Climbing,’ how cool is that! Anyway in this ep we dig into the ins and outs of the indoor scene. We talk setting, comps, creativity, holds and much much more. It’s a super interesting insight to a world we really only see the top layer of.

Dan Gordon
Dan Gordon
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