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Power Company Climbing

| Podcast Episode 10

Early 2019 and the training and podcasting juggernaut Power Company Climbing came down under. Kris Hampton is the man behind the wheel of Power Company and has been in the coaching game for as long as anyone. He knows his stuff. So when he and his wife Annalisa said they were coming to Oz for a trip, I couldn’t resist asking if I could pick his brain on some bigger training questions.

We don’t get into finger boarding protocol breakdowns, or energy system nuances. That stuff is far too confusing and gets in the way of actually showing up to the gym and trying hard. I’ve listened to a million hours of nuanced nonsense that’s hard to then apply into a training plan. Let alone a normal life of work, family and all the other things outside of climbing that make our lives feel full.

In this hour, Kris and Tom talk about having a bigger view to your training, the benefits of recording your training, when you need to switch up protocols or stimulus and the importance of taking a proper critical eye to why you might be falling off your projects.

Kris mentions the podcast he did with Eva Lopez about finger boarding in this episode. I would highly recommend listening to this if you want to dive deep into some science. It’s a very worthwhile one.

There’s a stack of other really great informative episodes in Kris’ back catalogue, so go take a listen. Trust me, they’re worth it. Check the link here

Stay around to the end of this, after I bid you farewell there’s a great little anecdote waiting for your ears.

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Music: Somerville and Wilson – Red Wasps

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