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Oceana MacKenzie – Olympic Climber

| Podcast Episode 28

In December 2020 Oceana qualified to represent Australia at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. She did this proudly when climbing made its debut in Tokyo during August 2021.

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Oceana on the lead route at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Photo: Louder than 11, Jess Talley, Jon Glassberg

Oceana is a Bouldering World Cup Finalist, won basically every domestic competition she’s ever entered, plus on the real rock front, shes bouldered V11!  Pretty impressive for someone who’s just 19 years old!

In this episode we dig into the early years of Oceana’s climbing life and her progression through the youth series. She talks about competition with other competitors (or lack there of), what it was like being in a World Cup final and the pressures and mindset while being there. We also talk about peanut butter, foot slips and her plans for 2022.

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