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Madeleine Crane – Climbing Psychology

| Podcast Episode 19

Madeleine Crane started Climbing Psychology out of a passion.

She is a professional psychologist, specialised in sport psychology and has experienced the pinnacle of competition climbing, having competed for Austria at World Cups. She wants to help you find the tools to give yourself every opportunity to express yourself fully on the wall.

In our chat we get into the dynamics of men and women in the climbing scene and why it can be hard for some people to step up and climb to their full potential. We discuss positive and negative self-talk and how we can reframe when things don’t go to plan. We also jump into visualisation, the positive outcomes of a bit of friendly competition and dealing with dips in motivation.

If you don’t already, give Madeleine a follow on instagram @climbingpsychology. She has great discussions there, digging into topics we don’t often see raised. You can also head to her website to read her articles and book an appointment.

Climbing Psychology on Instagram – @climbingpsychology

Music: Somerville and Wilson – Red Wasps

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