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Maddy Cope – Freerider, training, headspace and menstruation

| Podcast Episode 30

Maddy Cope has climbed Freerider 28/7c+ in Yosemite, La Scimma Nuda, (9 pitch) 29/8a in Switzerland and countless other hard multipitch/trad routes. She’s also cranked out a couple 33/8c’s, Mind Control and Bat Route, and smashed out 32/8b+ on gear! She’s a true allrounder.

We talk about her process on Freerider and desire to keep seeking adventure and exploration. We also dig into headspace and finding mental cues to focus the mind while climbing. 

Perhaps the best part of our conversation is when we dive deep into the menstrual cycle. Amanda puts her science hat on as well here (Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics + accredited Sport Dietitian) and both Maddy and her talk us through it all. They talk about their own  experiences as well as picking through the current research, discussing what it can tell us. They both have some awesome insights with how their cycle can effect their climbing, training and life and ways you can still get the most out of yourself.  There’s some total gold in there for everyone to take home. Fellas, if you’re still reading at this point and haven’t yet listened to the whole episode, please do. There’s a lot to learn and every bit is great. Do your part to understand what half the population experiences for four decades of their life.

Links we mention in the show.

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An overview of the menstrual cycle


Pregnancy and Postpartum


Clue (good for diverse resources on the menstrual cycle, contraception and health

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