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Lee Cujes – Endless Psych

| Podcast Episode 7

Today I chat with one of the most psyched characters in Australian climbing, Lee Cujes. He has been prolific in the scene for his entire climbing life, starting in Townsville in 1994. He then moved to Brisbane and became one of the biggest route developers in South East Queensland for the next 20 years.

Chances are if you’ve climbed a good route in Queensland, Lee’s hand was probably involved with its development. He was also responsible for pushing the level in QLD sport climbing doing hard first ascents of the first 31’s and 32’s.

Lee has now moved to the Blue Mountains, settled in nicely and is ticking his way through the classics, as well as adding a few of his own at new crags.

We talk about how he and his wife Sam got their work life sorted to make the move down from Brissy. His endless psyche for bolting, climbing, training and tinkering and coming to the realisation that burning the candle at both ends may not actually be the best. Lee also talks redpointing hard and at 41 believing the best is still to come, which I 100% believe

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Lee is sponsored by Climbing Anchors and Awesome Woodys

Music: Somerville and Wilson – Red Wasps

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