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Future of Australian Climbing

| Podcast Episode 21

Australia, how good is it! This episode is a good old fashion froth off on Australian climbing. Past guests Lee Cossey and Jake Bresnehan join Tom O’Halloran to talk about our beloved country and the sport we love so much. There’s probably no better time to dive deep into some Australia love, as the not so awesome super-bug grounds planes and forces us to buckle up for domestic road trips.

It’s easy to believe the popular overseas destinations are the bee’s knees. They’re in the movies, on the posters and clogging up your instagram feed. But what about back home, in the land girt by sea? Turns out it’s pretty darn good!

We talk the progression of our sport in the last decade and predictions of things to come. A few years ago we’d have never thought that 33 was going to be a trade route for the masses, now it is, what’s going to be the 34 trade route? 

Bolting projects and climbing hard first ascents is also on the agenda. What are we looking for and where are the next hard ones hiding? Recent crag discoveries and fresh eyes on old cliffs.

The lads also get into the indoor scene and how the new school bouldering gyms have changed the direction of climbing. Are we going to see Australians consistently on the World Cup podiums? What’s it going to take to get us there and what can we learn from those who came before us?

It’s all this and more. We love Australia!  

Follow Jake Bresnehan @jake_bresnehan, Lee Cossey @leecossey and Tom O’Halloran @tom_ohalloran

Music: Somerville and Wilson – Red Wasps

Cover page photo: Kamil Sustiak

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