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From Climber to Climbing Mum

| Podcast Episode 20

Mum climbing life with Amanda Watts, Andrea Hah, Helen Day and Carlie LeBreton. This group of crusher climbing mums have over 80 years of combined climbing experience, bouldering, sport and trad climbing and competing at the highest levels.

For each of them, finding a balance between climbing and mum life was important for their mental health and quality of life. Climbing is what makes life feel normal. 

They talk about everything from climbing pregnant, to travelling and climbing with kids. Their pre pregnancy expectations, compared with the reality of mum climbing life. Injuries and barriers to climbing and training, their motivations and drive and balancing climbing dreams and goals as a parent. 

There are some tips and hints to successfully getting to the crag, through a training session and 24 hours of flying with a baby. They hope that sharing their stories and experiences will help climbing parents find it a little less daunting to get back to the cliff with their little monkeys. 


Amanda on Instagram: @a.mandawatts

Helen on Instagram: @helendayknight

Andrea on Instagram: @andreahah

Carlie on Instagram: @carlieclimbs


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