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2019 Australian Open Nationals Wrap Up

| Podcast Episode 12

The 2019 Australian Open National Championships have been and gone. It was a big weekend with more up for grabs than National Titles.

This event had competitors competing in all three disciplines lead, speed and boulder, something which hasn’t yet been done in an Australian open event. The reason for the new format, Tokyo 2020.

Yes, this was the beginning of the journey for all Australian athletes looking to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Those who finished in the top 8 in the overall rankings made it into the Australian team to compete in the Oceana Championships in March 2020. The Olympic Qualifying event where the top climber in the competition will be selected to represent their country at the Olympics.

Tom and Amanda sit down with Rob and Carlie LeBreton to unpack the weekend and look at what is to come. You may remember Rob from episode 8 and he is also the Youth National coach. His wife Carlie was the head setter for the lead climbing competent of the competition and manages the Villawood climbing gym in Sydney. These two have their finger on the pulse.

Both Amanda and Tom competed and had an awesome time. Audrey did her best as team manager, but was easily distracted by playing with the other kids.

A quick mention that during the results breakdown we get side tracked and forget to list out the podium in the female overall rankings. The podium is as follows 3 Ella Easton, 2 Angie Scarth-Johnson, 1 Oceania Mackenzie.

Check out for more information about competition climbing in Australia.

Follow Rob on Instagram @thegoldenpitch and Carlie @carlieclimbs

Music: Somerville and Wilson – Red Wasps

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