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Baffle Days, the podcast from the perspective of the Australian climber. It’s time to hear some yarns from our mates down under.

We are chatting with old school legends, modern day heroes and everyone else who make up the awesome community of climbers we are a part of. We will have stories, opinions, training and nutrition info. Jump in and enjoy.

The Baffle Days team is Tom O’Halloran, Amanda Watts and our daughter Audrey.

Tom grew up in Brisbane, where he started climbing at 12. Fifteen years later he’s even more psyched than after his first day in the climbing gym. When he wrote study notes of all the different holds he’d learnt about that day and then read them each night before bed for three weeks. In 2011 he moved 1000km south to the epicenter of Australian rock climbing, the Blue Mountains. Since then he’s repeated and done first ascents of some of the hardest routes in the country, won National climbing competitions and more recently discovered how fun training is!

Amanda started climbing in Western Australia and after a couple of years decided to go on a climbing  trip across the country. She got to the Blue Mountains and twenty years later she’s still here. Amanda has travelled all over the world, climbing walls in Yosemite and all across Europe. She’s been at the top of the Australian climbing scene for a long time, climbing hard routes, has stood on the podium at multiple national boulder and lead climbing competitions and represented Australia in Lead World Cup climbing. Being psyched on getting the most out of her performance she studied nutrition at university and has a Masters in Dietetics. She’s now a Sport Dietitian working with elite athletes across multiple fields, helping them fuel their dreams while she continues to live hers. 

Audrey is the littlest team member with the biggest smile. She’s a cutie and comes along on our climbing life adventures.

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